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Welcome to Expert Gas Services & Professional Installations

For over a decade, My Xpert Plumbers has been the trusted choice for Gas Plumbing Services throughout Victoria. Our unwavering commitment to safety and excellence sets us apart.

Stringent Compliance and Expertise:
At My Xpert Plumbers, we adhere rigorously to local gas installation regulations. As licensed gas fitters and plumbers, your safety is our top priority. Every project is backed by a comprehensive gas fitting guarantee and, when applicable, a Certificate of Compliance, providing you with peace of mind.

Licensed Professionals: Prioritizing Your Safety:
Gas fitting tasks require the expertise of fully licensed professionals. Our team of licensed gas fitters ensures meticulous execution of all tasks, ensuring your safety at every step.

Comprehensive Gas Appliance Services:
From installation to repair, maintenance, and safety checks, our skilled Gas Fitters offer a full range of services. We meticulously inspect gas connections, ensure proper ventilation, and check for potential issues like gas leaks, guaranteeing the optimal performance of your appliances.

Prioritize Safety: Regular Maintenance Matters:
Regular checks of your gas appliances are essential for maintaining safety. Our professionals recommend biennial inspections to ensure the safe operation of your appliances.

Why Choose My Xpert Plumbers:


  • Extensive Experience: With over 10 years in the industry, our expertise is unmatched.

  • Regulatory Compliance:We strictly adhere to gas installation codes, prioritizing safety and compliance.

  • Comprehensive Guarantees: Our completed projects come with guarantees for your peace of mind.

  • Licensed Experts: Your safety is paramount – all gas fitting tasks are handled by licensed professionals.

Put Safety First:
Trust My Xpert Plumbers for all your gas service needs. From installations to repairs, maintenance, and safety checks, we are dedicated to ensuring your safety and comfort.

Discover Our Comprehensive Gas Services

At My Xpert Plumbers, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse array of gas services tailored to meet your needs. Our expert team is committed to prioritizing your safety, comfort, and satisfaction. Our services include:

  • Gas Leak Detection: Swift identification and resolution of gas leaks to safeguard your space.

  • Gas Safety Audits/Checks: Thorough assessments to ensure compliance with regulations and enhance safety.

  • Gas Hot Water Service/Repairs: Reliable solutions for your gas hot water system requirements.

  • Modification/Installation of Gas Lines: Skillful handling of gas line modifications and installations.

  • Installation, Servicing, and Repair of Gas Appliances: Comprehensive care for all your gas appliances.

  • Gas Oven, Gas BBQ, and Cooktop Services: Installation, service, and repairs for your kitchen essentials.

  • Gas Ducted Heating Services: Including servicing, repairs, and acting as a Warranty Agent for Braemar Systems.

  • Gas Space Heater Services: Installation, repairs, and servicing for gas space heaters.

  • And much more: Contact us for any gas, plumbing, refrigeration, or electrical needs.


Need Professional Assistance? We've Got You Covered:

Whether you require a plumber, refrigeration specialist, gas fitter, or electrician, simply give us a call. Our team is here to assess your needs and provide expert assistance promptly.


Why Choose Professionals Over DIY or Handymen?

Opting for unlicensed gas fitters or attempting the job yourself may lead to complications. Without a certificate of compliance, you risk voiding warranties and compromising safety. Protect your space, loved ones, and appliances by choosing professionals.


Your Safety, Our Priority:

Never compromise on safety. Trust My Xpert Plumbers for all your gas service needs. Whether it's installations, repairs, safety checks, or any other service, our team is dedicated to ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

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Recognizing Gas Leaks: Signs to Watch For Recognizing Gas Leaks: Signs to Watch For


Concerned about a possible gas leak? Here are some indicators to be mindful of:

Unusual Odor: Detect a distinct sulfur or rotten egg smell near your gas appliances.

Audible Hiss: Be attentive to any hissing sounds, as they could signal a gas leak.

Unexpected Bill Increases: Notice sudden spikes in your gas bills without a clear explanation.

Plant Health: Pay attention to the condition of your plants; unexpected wilting or discoloration may be a sign of a gas leak.

Visible Vapor: Observe any white mist in the vicinity of your gas appliances.

Flame Anomalies: Gas flames appearing red or yellow instead of their usual blue hue.

Health Indicators: Experience symptoms like nausea, headaches, difficulty breathing, or flu-like sensations, which could indicate carbon monoxide (CO) exposure.


Unsure? Conduct a Simple Test:


To confirm suspicions, apply soapy water (preferably dishwashing detergent) to the suspected area. If bubbles form, it's a clear sign of a gas leak.


Detected a Leak? Act Swiftly:


In the event of a confirmed gas leak:

  • Gas Shut-off: Turn off your home's gas supply promptly (if possible; contact us for guidance if unsure).

  • Electrical Caution: Refrain from using electrical appliances or equipment.

  • Ventilation: If indoors, open windows cautiously for ventilation, if safe to do so.

  • Seek Professional Assistance: Immediately reach out to My Xpert Plumbers for swift resolution and restoration of safety.


Safety Takes Priority:


For gas leak concerns, trust in the expertise of My Xpert Plumbers. Whether it's detection, repair, or any related service, we're dedicated to ensuring your safety and providing peace of mind.

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