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Government Incentives for Sustainable Solutions

Both Federal and State Governments are currently offering financial incentives to promote the adoption of environmentally friendly technologies such as Heat Pumps for home water heating , Multi-Head Split System, Reverse Ducted System for heating cooling . We're here to simplify the process by assessing your eligibility for rebates and incentives, handling the claims on your behalf, and passing the savings directly to you as upfront discounts on supply and installation costs.


If you're considering a Heat Pump, you may qualify for:



If you're considering a space heating cooling, you may qualify for:


 Upon requesting a quote, these incentives will be clearly outlined as discounts applied to your upfront costs. To access these savings, you'll need to complete additional paperwork as required by each governing entity. Once your system is successfully installed, My Xpert plumbers will receive the rebates and incentives, passing them on to you as upfront discounts on installation and supply expenses.


For personalized assistance on maximizing your savings through rebates and incentives, reach out to us today.

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